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Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help  people file for bankruptcy relief under  the Bankruptcy Code. Rialto Bankruptcy Attorney Law Ofiice of Pomona Bankruptcy Attorney Robert J. Spitz

Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer | Bankruptcy Law Firm

Rialto Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz possesses over 40 years of experience in commercial and personal bankruptcy. If you need help with overwhelming debt in Rialto or the surrounding areas of San Bernardino County or Southern California, call Bankruptcy Attorney Robert J. Spitz for a no-charge consultation. Our law office handles creditor harassment, bankruptcy alternatives, foreclosures, loan modifications, loan garnishments, and more.

To schedule an appointment, please dial (909) 395-0909 to reach our office. Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz may be able to help you eliminate debt and start over financially.

Are you dealing with eviction or foreclosure concerns? If so, Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz has various legal tools that may enable you to keep your home. Please call our firm to discuss your specific situation and possible solutions.

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Rialto, California

We understand that relentless phone calls from debt collectors and other creditor harassment can be distressing. If you are having issues with creditor communications and growing debts that seem impossible to pay off, call our Rialto bankruptcy attorney. Our firm focuses on identifying the optimal solution for each client’s need.

To consult with a skilled Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, call our firm. Mr. Spitz is also a highly regarded Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney and Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney. We work to reduce or remove debt and its accompanying stress. Call our office to arrange for a meeting with our Rialto bankruptcy lawyer. He will discuss various actions that can be taken in order to ease your financial burden:

Bankruptcy Alternatives | What is the Right Solution For You?

With his more than four decades of providing help on bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives, our Rialto personal bankruptcy attorney is well-qualified to counsel individuals regarding large amounts of debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer | Restructuring Personal Debts

If an individual has regular income and assets of a specific type, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may prove to be the most sensible option. If you are interested in stopping or preventing a foreclosure, restructuring debt, or creating a manageable repayment plan, please call our Rialto bankruptcy law firm.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney | Eliminating Debts

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can clear debt away and provide a clean financial slate. Call our Rialto bankruptcy attorney to further discuss this type of bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney | Reorganizing Business Debts

Are you a business owner? If you are currently dealing with a large amount of unmanageable debt or similar issues, filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the solution. Rialto Business Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz can provide more information to determine whether or not this is the right choice for your circumstances. Please call The Law Offices of Robert J. Spitz to discuss how to free your business from debt with our highly qualified business bankruptcy attorney.

Loan Modifications & Stopping Foreclosure

If payments on your mortgage have been falling behind and you have been given a notice of default, please call our Rialto bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. Mr. Spitz will discuss how to avoid losing your home to foreclosure. This may mean gaining a loan modification or using other legal methods to save the home.

End Creditor Harassment

If you have been experiencing numerous creditor calls despite your request that they cease, call our Rialto bankruptcy lawyer for help. If you have received a letter that threatens legal consequences for an unpaid debt, we may be able to assist. Please contact us today to learn more.

Garnishments, Bank Levies, Exemptions, & Dischargeable Debts

For certain types of bankruptcies, debtors may be able to keep certain assets and eliminate certain debts. It may also be possible in some cases to stop eviction, bank levies, garnishment of wages, and even tax liens.

Please get in touch with our law firm and Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert J. Spitz by calling (909) 395-0909. Our business and personal bankruptcy lawyer has many years’ experience providing sensible solutions for debt-related issues. It is possible that we can help you discharge debt, identify exemptions, and find other solutions that really work.

Because no two clients are the same, our Rialto bankruptcy attorney considers the needs and circumstances of each client before recommending a plan of action. We handle complex cases and less-complicated financial issues. Whether a bankruptcy alternative such as debt repayment or settlement is the most practical solution, or filing for Chapters 7, 13, or 11 bankruptcy is best, Rialto Attorney Spitz can help you find a way out from mountain-like debt.

Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Lawyer | Free Initial Consultation

If you would like to make an appointment for a no-fee initial consultation, call our firm at (909) 395-0909. Alternatively, you may submit a completed online case evaluation for our review, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment. If you are ready to discuss your options for getting out of debt with an experienced Rialto Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer, Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, please contact our office.


If you are driving to visit our firm from Rialto City Hall or the surrounding area, begin by going south on South Palm Avenue. Turn right at West Rialto Avenue. Turn left at South Willow Avenue. Turn right at Bloomington Avenue. Turn left at Cedar Avenue. Then enter the 10 West. Exit at the Holt Boulevard exit. When you arrive at North San Antonio Avenue, take a right and continue to 204 North San Antonio Avenue.