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Ontario CA Ch. 11 Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

A highly skilled Bankruptcy Lawyer, Mr. Spitz has more than 40 years’ experience helping business owners resolve their financial difficulties and save their business.

When knowledge and experience are crucial, let Ontario Bankruptcy Attorney Robert J. Spitz put his experience to work for your business!

If you own a business that is in financial trouble and want information about what Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection will mean for your company, contact Ontario Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz today. Call (909) 395-0909 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of the area’s leading debt relief attorneys.

Mr. Spitz will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your concerns and review your company’s financial difficulties. During this meeting, Attorney Robert Spitz will determine whether you should file for Personal Bankruptcy or Business Bankruptcy based upon your business structure.

Unlike corporations, businesses that are operated as sole proprietorships or partnerships do not have a separate legal identity that protects the owners’ personal property and assets. As a result, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filings involving sole proprietorships and partnerships include the owners’ personal assets.

Helping business owners with their bankruptcy actions since 1975, Attorney Robert Spitz wants to put his experience to work for your business and help you achieve financial freedom!

Experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in Ontario CaliforniaOntario Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 11 Bankruptcies can be quite complex and some may take years to settle. Ontario Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz has been helping businesses with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filings since 1975. Call (909) 395-0909 for help today!

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy provides for the financial reorganization of businesses that are still potentially capable of turning a profit and paying its creditors. If Mr. Spitz determines that your business will be able to recover under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, he will work with you to prepare your Bankruptcy Petition.  

When utilizing Chapter 11, business owners must file both a petition as well as a reorganization plan. This must include a classification of all claims and how the claims will be managed. They must also file a written disclosure of all assets, liabilities and business affairs in order for the court to make an informed judgment regarding the feasibility of the reorganization plan.

The Bankruptcy Court will either confirm or reject the proposed reorganization plan during a confirmation hearing. If the plan is approved, the reorganization will move forward as proposed. If it is rejected, a new reorganization plan must be filed with the Court. Additionally, creditors may propose their own repayment plan should the petitioner’s be rejected.

After filing all required documents with the Court, the business will continue normal operations throughout the bankruptcy process. Additionally, a competent business owner will remain in control of the business’s assets during the bankruptcy, rather than being forced to turn the assets over to a bankruptcy trustee. This gives the owner greater control.

Business operations will continue as normal until the case is discharged, dismissed or converted to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

If it is determined that your business is unable to recover financially, Ontario Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz will explore your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy options, including full liquidation of the company and its assets.

Call Ontario Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz for Personalized Representation

If you are considering filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, please fill out our Bankruptcy Case Evaluation Form. A representative from the Law Offices of Ontario Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz will contact you as soon as we have reviewed your information.

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One of the region’s leading Bankruptcy Lawyers, Robert J. Spitz is proud to provide highly personalized representation. All client communications will be addressed promptly, and you will always be kept informed as to the status of your case.

Let us help you keep your business and obtain relief from financial stress!