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Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help  people file for bankruptcy relief under  the Bankruptcy Code.

Ontario CA Bankruptcy Exemptions and Debts Attorney

If you’re thinking about filing for Bankruptcy, it is crucial that you retain an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer who possesses an in-depth understanding of State & Federal Bankruptcy laws, including as they relate to the Bankruptcy Exemptions and Dischargeable Debts.

The Bankruptcy Process is highly complex, especially in light of continually evolving Bankruptcy Laws, and you need an experienced law firm to help you. Ontario Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz has been fighting to preserve and protect the rights of individuals & businesses facing Bankruptcy for more than 40 years.

When experience and knowledge matter, please contact the Law Offices of Ontario Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert J. Spitz at (909) 395-0909 to schedule an appointment for a free, comprehensive consultation with one of the region’s most highly skilled Bankruptcy Lawyers. Ontario Exemptions & Debts Relief Attorney

During your consultation Mr. Spitz will thoroughly review all of your financial issues with you to determine whether you qualify for Bankruptcy Alternatives, or should file for Personal Bankruptcy or Business Bankruptcy.

Attorney Robert Spitz will also discuss current Bankruptcy Exemptions, explain what property is yours to keep under Bankruptcy, which property may need to be surrendered, and which debts are dischargeable under Bankruptcy and which are not.

Call today to speak to a Lawyer! Proudly serving the community since 1975, Mr. Spitz represents clients throughout Southern California. Devoted to providing highly personalized legal representation, all client communications will be answered in a timely manner and you will always be kept updated regarding the status of your case.

Skilled Bankruptcy Exemption Lawyer in Ontario

Bankruptcies are governed by both State & Federal Law. The primary distinction between the two is how exemptions are treated. Property deemed to be “exempt” under the law is not to liquidation by the Bankruptcy Trustee, and the Bankruptcy Petitioner is allowed to keep exempt property when the bankruptcy proceedings end. Non-exempt property is subject to liquidation to help pay down the debts owed to creditors.

When filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection, the individual seeking debt relief must provide the Bankruptcy Court with a complete and accurate record of their financial situation. This typically includes filing a statement of assets, liabilities and income. A statement of exempt property must also be filed with the Court.

California Bankruptcy Law has two different exemption schedules. Ontario Bankruptcy Exemption Attorney Robert J. Spitz will fully review all exemptions with you to ensure that you have the information necessary to make an informed decision prior to filing for Bankruptcy.  

Exempt items generally include the following (subject to certain value limitations that we will discuss with you):

Your home  Your vehicle Clothing Household goods and appliances •  Jewelry •  Tools of your trade Pensions RAs and 401Ks Public Benefits Damages that have been awarded as the result of a personal injury

Non-Exempt items typically include the following:

Cash (except for cash received and saved up from public benefits)  Valuable collections  Second home Second vehicle

Please contact a knowledgeable Bankruptcy Lawyer at the Law Offices of Robert J. Spitz for a thorough explanation of Bankruptcy Exemptions and how they are applied under California Law. Mr. Spitz will work closely with you to help you retain as much of your property as is possible under the law.

Experienced Dischargeable Debt Attorney Ontario California

Prior to filing for Bankruptcy Protection, Ontario Attorney Robert Spitz will meet with you to review your unique financial situation and go over your debts that may or may not be discharged under Bankruptcy.

There are generally three types of debts: Priority Claims, Secured Debt, & Unsecured Debt.

Priority Claims must be paid in full, and are not dischargeable debts. This means that while you may file for Bankruptcy Protection, these debts will be given priority over all others and are not subject to being discharged by Bankruptcy. Examples include child support, certain tax debts, spousal support / alimony, and wage or benefit claims against your business.

Secured debts are those which are backed by a tangible asset to which you hold title. Secured debts include mortgages, home equity loans, and automobile or vehicle loans. Purchases made, wherein you agree as part of your contract that the seller retains a security interest in the property (for example, furniture or appliance purchases), are also deemed secure. Other examples include tax liens, mechanic’s liens and judgments filed with the county recorder’s office against your property.

Unsecured debt includes medical bills, credit card bills, money judgments (unless filed with the county recorder’s office, thereby putting a lien against your real property), student loans, and rent on a personal residence or commercial space.

Priority claim holders must be paid before all others. Then secured debts will be addressed and finally, unsecured debts.

The majority of debts are dischargeable, with the exception of most priority claims. Contact Ontario Dischargeable Debt Lawyer Robert Spitz at (909) 395-0909 for additional information.

Stop Wage Garnishments – Stop Bank Levies – Stop Tax Liens – Stop Eviction

We are here for you, and will take immediate action to Stop Wage Garnishments, Evictions, Bank Levies, and remove Judgment Liens and stop Tax Liens. However, it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected!

Call the Law Offices of Bankruptcy Attorney Robert J. Spitz today to schedule your free initial consultation! Fighting since 1975 for those dealing with financial difficulties, we will help you get your finances under control and get back on track financially!

All consultations are completely confidential! Don’t let fear and stress rule your life. Call (909) 395-0909 today to speak to a caring, experienced Ontario Bankruptcy Lawyer!