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Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help  people file for bankruptcy relief under  the Bankruptcy Code. Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Attorney Law Ofiice of Pomona Bankruptcy Attorney Robert J. Spitz

Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert J. Spitz

Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz has over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive bankruptcy services to clients in Jurupa Valley and Riverside County as well as throughout California. Call our law office to discuss whether bankruptcy or a bankruptcy alternative may be the right solution for your debt. Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz

The Law Offices of Robert J. Spitz are able to assist individuals and companies with debt problems by helping them file for Chapter 11, 7, or 13 bankruptcy. We also provide alternative solutions when appropriate. These can include measures such as negotiating debt repayment plans or settlements. If you have concerns about foreclosure, wage garnishment, bank account levies, eviction, or creditor harassment, Jurupa Valley Attorney Spitz may be able to help.

Call our office to make arrangements for a no-fee consultation with our Jurupa Valley bankruptcy attorney. Mr. Spitz will listen to your concerns, discuss your finances, and find the most appropriate solution.

Reliable Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Jurupa Valley, CA

Are bill collectors persistently contacting you? Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz can help resolve issues with creditors and with debt that may seem overwhelming.

As a knowledgeable Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Spitz helps clients decide whether a wage earner bankruptcy is the right choice. If you have questions about corporate bankruptcy, our Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer and business bankruptcy attorney can help.

If it seems there is no way out of debt, let us set an appointment for you to consult with Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz. As a knowledgeable business and personal bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Robert Spitz is able to utilize a variety of methods and legal tools that can provide financial relief:

Intelligent Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a means of restructuring unmanageable debt. Call Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz to discuss the advantages of this option. Clients facing an overwhelming amount of debt may find Chapter 13 to be the right solution if there is a consistent income and other assets they wish to keep. Please call our law office to make an appointment with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz.

Skilled Jurupa Valley Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

When an individual has a smaller income and only a few assets, the best choice for debt relief may be filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is also called a fresh start bankruptcy. Please contact Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz to learn more.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney for Jurupa Valley, California

When a business comes under a heavy load of debt and related issues, Chapter 11 bankruptcy could be the answer. If you have questions about business bankruptcy, make an appointment for a consultation with Mr. Spitz, a skilled Jurupa Valley business bankruptcy lawyer.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

There are more ways to resolve debt than just bankruptcy. Jurupa Valley Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz helps clients find the most effective solution for their specific circumstances and concerns. For some situations, a bankruptcy alternative may make more sense.

Stop Creditor Harassment

If you have already asked a creditor to stop calling, but the calls continue, please contact Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz. He may be able to end creditor harassment and help you deal with any creditor letters that threaten legal actions. To learn more, call our Jurupa Valley personal bankruptcy law firm.

Using Loan Modifications to Stop Foreclosures

If your mortgage is becoming delinquent, please contact Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz. Whether you have already been given a notice of default or you simply have questions about how to avoid foreclosure, Mr. Spitz is an experienced attorney with a comprehensive understanding of various ways to avoid losing a home. This includes solutions such as short sale, personal bankruptcy, signing over the deed to the bank, and obtaining a loan modification.

Bank Levy, Wage Garnishment | Dischargeable Debt, Exemption

If you are concerned about growing debt that is difficult to manage, or if you are facing possible eviction, wage garnishments, tax liens, or a bank levy, Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz may be able to assist.

We understand that the circumstances of each client are unique. Different financial situations call for different solutions. Some types of bankruptcy allow clients to retain certain assets, while others do not. Call Jurupa Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz to discuss solutions that may be right for you.

Call a Skilled Bankruptcy Attorney

To contact Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz and make an appointment, please either use our online contact form or call (909) 395-0909. Mr. Spitz will answer questions and help you get started on the road to a better financial situation.


To reach our office from the Jurupa Valley City Hall area, begin by driving east on Limonite Avenue. Turn left onto the ramp. Merge onto Van Buren Boulevard. Continue as Van Buren becomes Mission Boulevard. At South San Antonio, go right. We are on the right side, at 204 N. San Antonio Avenue.