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Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help  people file for bankruptcy relief under  the Bankruptcy Code. Claremont Bankruptcy Attorney

Claremont Bankruptcy Law Firm | Robert J. Spitz

Claremont Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert J. Spitz assists clients in obtaining a clean financial slate. If you are finding it a struggle to get your bills paid in a timely manner, if creditors and collection agencies are harassing you regarding your debt, or if foreclosure is looming, let us help you attain better financial freedom with a fresh financial start. Call Claremont Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz today for a free consultation.Claremont Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz

A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, Robert J. Spitz brings his four decades of experience to each case while helping individuals in Claremont and L.A. County who are dealing with overwhelming personal and business debt. Claremont Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz provides legal counsel in a variety of issues such as ceasing foreclosure, stopping creditor harassment, and ending eviction.

Call (909) 395-0909 to reach Claremont Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz and set an appointment for a free and confidential consultation regarding your options for debt relief.

Whether it is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney that you need, Robert Spitz will provide you with a detailed analysis of your financial situation and show you the most effective way to resolve the issues you are facing.

Receive Help from an Experienced Claremont Bankruptcy Lawyer

You may be experiencing the stress of constant financial worries, or the fear of receiving yet another call from a creditor or collection agencies. There is help available. Our skilled Claremont bankruptcy law firm is ready to help you put the sleepless nights in the past.

Claremont Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz and The Law Offices of Robert J. Spitz offer skilled and compassionate legal counsel to those seeking relief from crushing debt. There are workable solutions for debt relief that are available for your specific situation, and Attorney Spitz will take immediate measures to protect you, such as:

Bankruptcy Alternatives | Find the Right Debt Solution

Claremont Personal Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz has 40 years’ experience and will explore alternatives to bankruptcy with you to ensure you find the perfect solution for the specific financial issues you are dealing with.

Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy | Restructuring Debt

Individuals who have regular income and specific assets can find relief with Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz can help you restructure your debt, save your family’s home, and create a more manageable way to pay your regular bills.

Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Attorney | Eliminating Debt

Those that qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will find a truly fresh start via freedom from old debt. Call Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz to obtain more details on Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy and whether it is right for you.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy Attorney | Reorganizing Debt

Business owners who are having financial issues can often resolve them and save their business with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. If your business is in distress, call Claremont Business Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz and find out if your business qualifies for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Loan Modifications | Stopping Foreclosure

If you have gotten a notice of default or are behind on your mortgage, call Claremont Bankruptcy Attorney Spitz. He can provide you with vital information and guidance on how to stop foreclosure and on loan modifications that can save your home.

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Give Bankruptcy Lawyer Spitz a call today so he can help terminate creditor harassment. He will provide sound financial choices to stop the stress and get your life back.

Garnishments | Exemptions | Bank Levies | Dischargeable Debts

There are certain items you are allowed to retain after a bankruptcy, certain debts that are discharged, and legal methods to end a bank levy, eviction, tax lien, or wage garnishment. Call Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Spitz to get sound legal guidance for your specific financial situation. His many years of experience have yielded a thorough understanding of state and federal bankruptcy laws, and he puts that knowledge to use in assisting clients through exemptions, dischargeable debts, and more.

We know your own financial condition is unique, and that it may be a complex situation. In any case, Claremont Bankruptcy Attorney Robert J. Spitz offers a long list of options for debt relief and will find the right one for you. He will go over your finances with his bankruptcy team to ascertain whether you need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for your debt relief.

Call an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer for Claremont, California

In the event you are experiencing severe business or personal financial difficulties, call The Law Offices of Robert J. Spitz at (909) 395-0909 today, or complete our Case Evaluation Form so our bankruptcy law firm can review it and offer you customized debt relief options.

Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Spitz has many years of experience in debt relief and bankruptcy proceedings. He uses this experience to help clients in obtaining a fresh start financially and in escaping from crushing debt.

Contact Robert Spitz, Claremont Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer today by calling (909) 395-0909 and making an appointment for a free consultation at our offices. It’s time to get back in control of your finances.


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